4th, 5th, and 6th Grade Martin Luther King, Jr. Sites


Information Sites about Martin Luther King, Jr.
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1. The King Center

The OFFICIAL site of The King Center in Atlanta, Georgia


2. The Martin Luther King, Jr., Research and Education Institute

Biography, encyclopedia of King's life, sermons, speeches, writings and other materials from the Stanford University project to compile and publish Dr. King's work.


3. The Seattle Times: Martin Luther King Jr.

A web site by The Seattle Times with articles and information about the life and impact of Dr. King.


4. Martin Luther King, Jr. - The Legacy of a Leader

A wealth of information, photographs, speeches and even a quiz on Dr. King from Scholastic News.


5. Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Site (National Park Service)

This site offers information about Dr. King, the Ebenezer Baptist Church, where Dr. King preached, as well as a virtual tour of the birth home of Dr. King.


6. National Civil Rights Museum


At this website, you can view images and text that tell the story of the struggle for civil rights.

7. Family Education Network: Martin Luther King, Jr.

This site is filled with interactive quizzes, kid-created projects, and numerous facts about the Civil Rights Movement

8. The Meaning of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday

The King Center explains the meaning of this holiday and why it is celebrated.


9. Library of Congress for Kids - Martin Luther King, Jr.

You will find information, photos, and links other resources here.


10. Library of Congress Learning Page - Civil Rights

You will find a host of resources and primary source documents here relating to civil rights and, in particular, Jim Crow laws.

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The Times and Life of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Site 1 - Seattle Times: Martin Luther King, Jr. - Timeline

Site 2 - Chronology of King's Life

Meet the King

Site 1 - The King Center - Biographical Outline of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Site 2 - The Martin Luther King, Jr. Papers Project


What Are Your Dreams?

Site 1 - I Have a Dream

Site 2 - The Text of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" Speech


The Life of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Site 1 - Seattle Times - Martin Luther King, Jr.

Site 2 - Rosa Parks

Site 3 - The King Center

Site 4 - Spotlight on Mrs. Rosa Parks

Site 5 - Hall of Public Service: Interview with Rosa Parks


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