Second Grade Civil War Research


1.  The Underground Railroad Interactive site at


  1. 2.Scholastic Online Links to:

  2. Learning about the Civil War

  3. Read the Journal of a Union Soldier

  4. Read the Journal of a Southern Girl

  5. Read the Journal of a Freed Slave

  1. 3.Emancipation Proclamation

  2. See a copy of this document and read more about that time in our nations’ history.

  1. 4. Selected Civil War photographs, 1861-1865

  2. from the American Memory Collection of the Library of Congress and other sites.


  1. 5. World Almanac for Kids - American Civil War

  2. Lots of links to information about the war, people and places, and the events of the time.  

6.  World Almanac for Kids - Abraham Lincoln

  1. Information about Lincoln’s life and his presidency. 

7.  National Geographic Underground Railroad Web Site

  1. Use the drop down menu at the top to choose different sections of information on this site.

8.  Harriet Tubman & the Underground Railroad

  1. This site was created by a 2nd grade class.  It contains lots of information about Harriet Tubman, her journey to freedom, the Underground Railroad, maps, pictures and more.

9.  Levi Coffin’s Underground Railroad Station

  1. Read about an Underground Railroad Station in Ohio.

10.  The Underground Railroad in Rochester

  1. Read about the Underground Railroad in our local community.

11.  Ulysses S. Grant

  1. Find information about Grant as a general during the Civil War and about him as the 18th President of the United States.

12.  Clara Barton

  1. This site has lots of information about Clara Barton and her Civil War work.

13.  The Clara Barton National Historic Site

  1. Links here will take you to a timeline, photographs, and documents about Clara Barton.

14.  Caring for the Men - The History of Civil War Medicine

  1. This site has lots of information about what it was like to treat soldiers during the Civil War.

15.  Harper’s Weekly

  1. Read articles about the Civil War in this famous newspaper of the time.

16.  Civil War Photography

  1. A gallery of photographs and information about photography during the Civil War.

17.  Mathew Brady

  1. On this web site learn about Mathew Brady, photographer of Abraham Lincoln and of events of the Civil War.